Fortnite – Heidi – Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights

This music was stuck in my head the other day, and I couldn’t find any videos with a long enough play time to be worth while. This is the Heidi character performing the “Running Man” emote from Season 6 Tier 31 paid battle pass. The music is from the Season 6 week 1 “Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (HARD)” challenge. (Not sure why that challenge was considered hard… it was more fun than anything.)

Quick note: the minor adjustments I make at the beginning and end of the video are to try and get the sound as clear as possible. Little rotations of the character mean the sound may shift to only one ear, which is no good if you’re listening to this on a stereo. Enjoy the cleanest audio I could create in playground mode!

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