Hosting Your Own WordPress Blog – Step 1 – Buying a Domain Name

Step 1 – EASY

Buying a cool domain name.

This step may sound easy, but you’ll probably spend a lot of time on it if you haven’t figured out a cool domain name yet. I spent forever finding infinitedab, and was blown away that the dot com version wasn’t taken.

For this step, I recommend purchasing your domain from the Google Domains service found at I’ve used a lot of different domain name providers in the past (none of which I’ll mention here) but ultimately transferred everything I own over to Google Domains. Their billing is straight forward, and their tools are the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend using them, but you should use whichever registrar you prefer. Steps will be similar to what I’m showing below, regardless of which registrar you use.

After logging into Google Domains with your google account, click the: Find a Domain button (or search field). I’ve typed in “infinitedab” into the search field and was presented with the following results:

domain search results

As you can see, isn’t available for purchase (for obvious reasons), but I’m interested in purchasing for the sake of this tutorial. Likewise, use this search functionality to find the domain you want. Once you’re ready, click the +cart button provided, then click the shopping cart button on the top of the page.



Google Domains Cart Screen
Google Domains Cart Screen

From this checkout screen, choose whether or not you want privacy protection on (this is not available for some domains), and if you wish to auto-renew. I highly recommend you enable auto-renew, as domain renewals tend to pop up at the worst possible times. You don’t want to risk losing your domain on accident, and have to rebuild your brand from scratch with whatever similar name might be available. Don’t worry, Google Domains will send you email notification before a domain is set to renew.


On the Check Out screen you will enter your credit card information and click “Buy” (I’ll skip the screenshots for this one). Note: if privacy protection is not enabled for your domain, you will need to enter information that will be made public on the whois website. For an example of what this looks like for (which has privacy protection enabled), here is a link:


Google Domains Purchase Complete (Helpful Links)
Google Domains Purchase Complete (Helpful Links)

Once your purchase is complete, Google will try to help you out with some convenient links. Feel free to ignore these for now.

Finally, you will be presented with the domain control panel screen below.  The most important link on this page is the DNS button on the right. We will use this button later once our AWS server is set up in step #2.



Google Domains Control Panel
Google Domains Control Panel


You’ve completed step 1, which is ranked at EASY difficulty. Now onto step 2.



All Steps:

Introduction & Overview- Hosting Your Own WordPress Blog

  1. (EASY) Buying a Domain Name
  2. (HARD) Create a Cloud Server Using Amazon AWS
  3. (EASY) Create a Hosted Zone Using Amazon Route 53
  4. (HARD) Install Apache and PHP on Your Cloud Server
  5. (EASY) Create MySQL Cloud Database Using Amazon RDS
  6. (EASY) Download and Install WordPress on Your Server

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