Fortnite Xbox One S – Eon Bundle – On a PS4

Since buying my first gaming console (the Super Nintendo) in 1993, and following up with the PlayStation 1 two years later in 1996, I’ve been pretty much buying every significant gaming console to date. Which means: I have a lot of gaming consoles sitting in storage. The Super Nintendo, Game Cube, Wii, Wii U, DreamCast, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, and Xbox 360. Sitting outside of storage I have multiple PS4s, a PS4 Pro, and Switch. But it wasn’t until recently that I finally considered purchasing an Xbox One.


Sure, I’m a huge Fortnite fan, but that alone wasn’t enough to convince me to purchase the Xbox One S featured in this article. You see, while all of my original game consoles are in excellent working condition, the Xbox consoles aren’t. I’ve taken great care of each console, but regardless, my older Xbox systems won’t perform basic functions any more. Functions like: ejecting a disc, stopping disc spin before ejecting (the 360 literally spits out spinning discs), booting normally, entering into low power mode when asked, powering on when asked, etc. Basically, both of my older Xbox consoles are junk. So until recently, I’ve decided to skip out on the Xbox experience for this console generation.

PlayStation 1
The 90’s are calling, they know you have their PS1.

PlayStation however? Those devices are a totally different story. Each and every PlayStation I own runs flawlessly to this day, same as the day I bought it. In fact, the PS1 was plugged in a few months ago, wired into a modern TV, and booted up Crash Bandicoot 2, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer perfectly. Same with the PS2 and PS3. Not a single problem with any one of them. Just some dust.

So why did I finally buy an Xbox One? Well, a few reasons aligned recently:

  1. Fortnite crossplay has been enabled across all gaming devices since Sony’s announcement that they will officially support the functionality. Read: Cross-platform play coming to PS4, starting with Fortnite
  2. Fortnite account merging is in progress, which means cool exclusives for Xbox, Switch, and PS4 owners (like the Eon cosmetic) are no longer locked to a platform. Now these can be used on any device. And if you have a previously linked and locked account, it’ll soon be able to merge with your main Epic games account properly. Read: Players Will Soon Be Able To Merge Fortnite Accounts Across Consoles
  3. Finally, Sony recently announced the release of a next generation console. Read: PS5? Sony at work on PlayStation 4 successor, company CEO says

While none of these scream: “buy an Xbox One”, they did make me realize that right now is an exciting time to be a gamer. The ability to have a Switch, Xbox One, PS4, mobile phone, and PC playing in the same lobby is insanely cool!  With all this potential, I don’t want to miss out on an entire generation of Xbox and the cross play experience that comes with it.

So, in comes the Xbox One S Fortnite bundle, and this article walking you through the account linking process, some interesting findings regarding account linking, and video of a sick Fortnitemares dub (actually, we failed to record the dub… feelsbadman). If you’re like me and interested in getting an Xbox One this late in the current generation, you can purchase it directly from Microsoft like I did: $299 from

Before we get started, a few things have already been established:

  • I have a PlayStation Network account already (PSN: augustc4). This has been actively used by me for years.
  • I have an Epic games account already as well. It was generated automatically when I first launched Fortnite on my PS4, which means my PSN account was tied to it right away (Epic: augustc4).
  • I had a stagnant Xbox Live account sitting around for years, untouched, hailing from my days on the 360 playing Halo and Rainbow Six Vegas (Xbox Live: beginner).

Now let’s jump right in:

  1. Before starting up my Xbox, I removed the system, components, and paperwork from the box. Among the paperwork, there were two voucher cards. Locate these. They contain codes for redeeming the following items:
    • 1 month free trial of Xbox Live Gold (allows you to play online games)
    • 1 month free trial of Xbox Game Pass <- this article ignores Game Pass
    • 1 full game of Fortnite (which is free anyway, just sayin), the Eon cosmetic set, and 2000 V-Bucks (this is the “bundled” content).
  2. On your computer, log into your Xbox Live account. Navigate to Sign in > account icon (upper right) > redeem code > enter the code
  3. Redeem Xbox Live gold voucher code. This will give your XBox account the free month of online game play, which is required for Fortnite on the platform.
  4. Next, redeem the Eon bundle voucher code in the same manner. This will entitle you to the Eon cosmetics and 2000 V-Bucks, which is the equivalent of $20. (Don’t worry, it won’t last you long. Cosmetics are super expensive in this game)
  5. On your computer, log into the Epic games website:
  6. Navigate to your user icon > account > connected accounts > xbox > connect > link your account > log into the Microsoft website > allow epic to access your XBox account info (this is standard practice, similar to facebook). Once complete, you’ll be directed back to the epic website with your XBox account connected! Epic will now email you something like this: “You Have Linked Xbox Live To Your Epic Games Account”

    Xbox Live Linked
    Xbox Live Linked

Finally, we’re done with the laptop and can move onto the Xbox.

  1. On your new Xbox One, you’ll be asked to sign into your Xbox Live account. For me, this was possible after roughly 30 minutes of system updating, then choosing selecting language preferences, and other setup tasks.
  2. Navigate your way through the Xbox startup tutorials and information screens
  3. Launch the Xbox store and search for “Fortnite”.
  4. Download Fortnite from the game page. You’ll notice that it’s already marked as owned by you. This “entitlement” to the game happened when you entered the voucher code in the prior step 4 above. (Please remember, you’re downloading the FREE version of Fortnite, specifically the battle royale mode. You are NOT downloading or purchasing “Save the World”. This is a completely different paid mode.)
  5. Once Fortnite is downloaded onto your device, launch it! Because you’re logged into the Xbox from step 1, and because the Xbox account is linked on in the earlier step 6, you will receive the Eon outfit and 2000 V-Bucks!
Xbox One - Eon Bundle Redeemed
Xbox One – Eon Bundle Redeemed
Xbox One - 2000 V-Bucks On Account
Xbox One – 2000 V-Bucks On Account
PS4 - 2250 V-Bucks Remains Unchanged
PS4 – 2250 V-Bucks Remains Unchanged

Some observations:

V-Bucks are NOT cross platform! You’ll notice based on the screenshots above that the V-Bucks purchased on one platform won’t appear on another platform. The first image is the Xbox One, and the second is PS4. Note the difference in V-Bucks in the top right corner.

This makes sense to me, as the purchase of V-Bucks is performed on a platform store. Thus, redemption of those V-Bucks should happen on the same platform. Of course, this is an artificial decision (not a technical one), so it may change at some point in the future.

Cosmetics ARE cross platform! This is great news, because it would be a shame to “invest” a lot of money into a single platform, only to find that none of the cosmetics you’ve purchased are playable on any new platform you adopt. As I’ve stated, $20 worth of V-Bucks doesn’t go very far in this game, so users with a large locker of cosmetics have spent a LOT of money. Besides that, it’s so cool to see exclusive skins in single-platform lobbies. The Eon skin got a lot of attention in the PS4-only lobbies.

As indicated by the screenshots below, I’ve spent my $20 worth of V-Bucks on Jack Gourdon and the Head Banger emote while on the Xbox One, and both display as owned on the PS4. Additionally, you can see the Eon skin in my locker on the PS4, and in a game of Disco Domination.

Xbox One - Jack Gourdon Purchased for $15 (1500 V-Bucks)
Xbox One – Jack Gourdon Purchased for $15 (1500 V-Bucks)
PS4 - 2250 V-Bucks Remain, Jack & Headbanger Show as Purchased
PS4 – 2250 V-Bucks Remain, Jack & Headbanger Show as Purchased
PS4 - Eon in Locker
PS4 – Eon in Locker
PS4 - Eon in Disco Domination
PS4 – Eon in Disco Domination

Achievements are cross platform! Remember that video I mentioned, of a sick Fortnitemares dub on the new Xbox? Still doesn’t exist, because I failed to record it (but I can confirm that it was awesome). Well, my kids wanted to try out the new Xbox, so we took turns playing solo games on my account. The rule was that they had to help me with my week 5, and Fortnitemares challenges. This consisted of destroying cube monsters, eliminations in corrupted zones, etc.  Based on this, I can confirm for you: all of these challenges are tied to your Epic account, and not a specific gaming platform. So achievements earned on an Xbox will remain as earned on a PS4. This is great news for Switch and mobile users who use an Xbox, PS4, or PC as their primary.

That’s it! Hope this post was helpful to somebody, and I hope that my Xbox One experience is an improvement over the Xbox and Xbox 360 experiences I’ve had so far. This Eon bundle is awesome, the skin looks amazing in game, the ability to join a PS4 lobby with an Xbox exclusive is super cool, the console looks sick, and best of all: I can enjoy more gaming experiences with the family, including Xbox exclusives, and Fortnite crossplay with PS4 and Switch.

Look out for more Xbox one posts in the future as I get into how to stream gameplay on multiple platforms, and other random explorations.

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