Fort Chaos 50’s Mode

The idea for this mode comes from the original Fortnite 50v50 announce trailer (above). As you can see, this trailer shows two teams with their own forts. These two teams start to fight it out together, but that never actually happens in 50s. So I had an idea were two teams of 20 (or more) spawn in their own pre-built forts that are really big and have lots of vehicles. The area that they spawn is in the storm eye, placed somewhere random in the map. Every one jumps out of a low flying bus with infinite materials, lands in their forts, and spends one minute picking their inventory. During this time, you get 100% freedom with your choices: you can have 5 rocket launchers, a heavy shot gun, a mini gun, etc.

Fort Chaos 50's
Fort Chaos 50’s

Once the timer goes to zero, the battle begins. Each team has their own spawn points in the fort. Because player respawn is on in this game mode, you can be reckless and not have to worry about being killed. As the vehicles break or are not used for an amount of time outside of the fort, the vehicles will re-spawn back at your fort in the vehicle spawn zone.

The battle begins
The battle begins

After an amount of time (like the time it takes for re-spawning to turn off in disco domination) re-spawn turns off. At that point the game becomes “elimination” were you kill the enemy team for the win.

Ready for Chaos
Ready for Chaos

As you can see, the point of this mode is to bring out the chaos of the large squad modes. I hope you guys like this idea of a Fort Chaos 50’s Mode. 🙂

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